Hectic Justice

Episode 3 - An Abundence of Melons!

February 25, 2020

The mafia is at it again!  Big "Tony" Mascara and his lackeys are doing what they do best, the illegal capture of confectionary!  In this case, the smuggling of precious donuts! The sexy, corrupt Judge Feazlebottom meets them for a revealingly addictive chit-chat, but theme music suggests they're being spied on by someone who may use what he's seen to his ambitious advantage in an upcoming episode!  But meanwhile, someone ELSE comes across the smuggling and must be done away with! And after a hopefully not copyrighted Benny Hill chase-sequence, what will happen next?!


Featuring the voices of:

Sam Marzden as Narrator and mafia mobster, Mickey 'One-Eye' Spiggs and the dad in the Donut King ad.

Lauren Bok as Detective Zoe Legless and mafia mobster, Nippy 'Tits' McNorgstrem and the woman in the Marlborough Girth Cigarettes ad.

Bek Chapman as the mother in the Donut King ad! 

Tony "Bones" Burge as Mafia Boss Big "Tony" Mascara, mafia mobster Davey 'Jo' Spider and the little boy in the Donut King ad, and of course, the Advertisement Voice Over guy! 



Michael Dalton as Dolly Diamond playing Judge Anna Feazlebottom

Tony Martin as over-acting extra and Pete Smith!


 DAMIAN COWELL playing Steve Monaghetti (another Melbourne joke.)


Audio advice and clip tidying done by Andrew "Parkers" Bailey from

The Campfire with Parkers & Daly!



Featured music includes (in order):

Hot Sugar Band - Flip Lid - from album - Are You In Shape?

Hot Sugar Band - Blue Drag - from album - Swing For Dancers

Hot Sugar Band - Mabel - from album Are You In Shape?

Benny Goldman Big Band - King Porter Stomp (under Donut King ad vocals)

Hot Sugar Band - Jumpin' at the Woodside - special training - from album - Swing For Dancers

Hot Sugar Band - Topsy - from album - Swing For Dancers

Homer Louis Randolph III aka Boots Randolph - Yackety Sax - 1963 

With special thanks to Hot Sugar Band from Paris who gave permission to use their music! 



Theme music written, recorded and produced by Bek Chapman.  Performed by Bek Chapman, Sam Marzden, Lauren Bok and Tony "Bones" Burge.

Vocals for Donut King ad, written and sung by Bek Chapman.

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