Hectic Justice

Episode 6 - Moist In Metropolis!

April 21, 2020

Baxter Slick and the Judge, under contractual obligations from the show's new sponsors, discuss illegally smuggled donut matters using chicken puns.  The judge realises Baxter knows her dirty little secret and is forced to sign a legal form, giving Mascara immunity! Hester, late to the roast, attempts puns and tries to make peace with the judge to get a warrant to search Mascara's premises but Judge Feazlebottom is a little too suspiciously obliging! What's going on?! Hester storms out and then the next day bumps into Lucky  Spriggan and Sparks! She pashes Lucky and then leaves abruptly to perform the search warrant on Big "Tony" Mascara's premises with many nameless extras! But will it all go to plan?!


Michael Dalton as Dolly Diamond playing Judge Anna Feazlebottom

Tony Martin as Pete Smith! 

Featuring the voices of:

Sam Marzden as Narrator.

Lauren Bok as Detective Zoe Legless who doesn't appear in this episode but will next one, calm down!

Bek Chapman as Hester Monroe and Chicken Ad Man/Woman.

Tony "Bones" Burge as Sergeant Lucky Spriggan, Sparks the Dog, and of course, the Advertisement Voice Over guy! 


Audio advice gratefully received and sometimes forgotten or ignored from Andrew "Parkers" Bailey from

The Campfire with Parkers & Daly!



Featured music includes (in order):

Glen Miller - "King Porter Stomp"

Bek Chapman - "Hectic Justice Theme Tune"

Hot Sugar Band - "Mabel" 

Hot Sugar Band - "Topsy" 

Chicken Ad vocals written by Bek Chapman written over King Porter Stomp by Glen Miller. 

Hot Sugar Band - "St James Infirmary"

Edd Kalehoff - "A Current Affair" Theme Tune

Sydney Edwards - "Today Tonight" Theme Tune

Project Theme Tune - Composer unknown. 

Rick Turk - "The 7.30 Report" Theme Tune

60 minutes ticking

Duran Duran - "(Reach Up for the) Sunrise" - Sunrise theme

Sam Fonteyn - "Today" theme

Rick Turk - "Four Corners" theme

With special thanks again to Hot Sugar Band from Paris who gave permission to use their music! 


'Hectic Justice' theme music written, recorded and produced by Bek Chapman.  Performed by Bek Chapman, Sam Marzden, Lauren Bok and Tony "Bones" Burge.

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