Hectic Justice

Episode 8 - Overacting in the Ovaries!

February 14, 2021

After hearing her leggy friend being tortured with nude Twister in the dungeon with plenty of inappropriate close-ups of nipples and thighs, Zoe Legless dismally drowns her sorrows in a local bar.  She encounters a familiar nemesis - but could this be the beginning of a legally unethical love affair?  Sergeant Lucky Spriggan is also disheartened, but working through his feelings in his diary, he stumbles upon a clue!  And with his anthropomorphic dog, could this actually lead to a conclusion that concludes the concluding Season 1?  Boy, I hope so! 


Michael Dalton as Dolly Diamond playing Judge Anna Feazlebottom.

Grant Nichol's Year 7/8 drama class graduate, Ben Adamson as Zeal, the overacting extra. 

And, of course, Tony Martin with his usual jokes at the end.


Featuring the voices of:

Sam Marzden as the Narrator and Sparks the Dog.

Lauren Bok as Nippy "Tits" McNorgstrum and Zoe Legless and the dubiously accented French stranger.

Bek Chapman as Hester Monroe and the also dubiously accented Scottish Chief Boobie Winston.


Tony "Bones" Burge as Advertisement Voice Over guy, and Sergeant Lucky Spriggan. 


Featured music includes (in order):

Glen Miller & His Orchestra - "Bugle Call Rag"

Bek Chapman - "Hectic Justice Theme Tune"

Fats Waller/ performed by Hot Sugar Band - "Inside (This Heart of Mine" 

With special thanks again to Hot Sugar Band who gave permission to use their music! 


'Hectic Justice' theme music written, recorded and produced by Bek Chapman.  Performed by Bek Chapman, Sam Marzden, Lauren Bok and Tony "Bones" Burge.

All sound effects from Soundsnap.com.

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